J-GLOBAL ID:200904093814218373  Research Project code:0150000268 Update date:Mar. 13, 2006

Research on technology for advanced coal gasification process

Study period:1996 - 2000
Organization (1):
Investigating Researcher (5):
Research overview:
Coal shows a wide variation in characteristics and the apparent property of coal depends on the treatment process. This research aims at developing the active pre-treatment method for coals for certain gasification processes. Properties of various coals, such as gasification reactivities and ash melting behavior, will be modified by thermal and chemical treatment. Also the control of the pollutants for the environment will be investigated.
Keywords (6):
coal ,  coal char ,  gasification ,  reactivity ,  coal ash ,  fusibility
Project name: Japan's New Sunshin Project
Project Organization (1):
  • Hokkaido National Industrial Research Institute
Research program: New Sunshine Program New Sunshine Project
Research budget: 2000: \21,483,000

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