J-GLOBAL ID:200904094918362375  Research Project code:0250001710 Update date:Jan. 29, 2003

Indoor air chemical pollution research for healty living environment

Study period:2001 - 0
Organization (1):
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Research overview:
The air contamination by chemistry substance contamination in widely taken up as a big social problem also in Western countries. This problem may be increasingly aggravated for reasons, such as a housing situation in Japan basing the background. So this study is performed as a part of the research that examines the emission and diffusion characteristics of volatile organic compounds from indoor building materials. Furthermore, to evaluate quantitatively the influence of the amount of human-body inhalation of air contaminant by the chemistry substance, and to propose a healthy residence are performed, too.
Keywords (4):
VOC (volatile organic compounds) ,  emission ,  asorption/dsorption ,  chemical reaction
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