J-GLOBAL ID:200904095003046141  Research Project code:0250002101 Update date:Feb. 12, 2003

Development preparation toward re-construction of "ASTRO-E"

Study period:2000 - 2000
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Research overview:
Development process toward the re-construction of "ASTRO-E" has been in progress. The scientific satellite No. 19, "ASTRO-E", was intended to be No. 5 X-ray Astronomical Satellite of Japan and launched in February 10, 2000, but failed to travel on the orbit owing to mulfunction of the first stage rocket. Accordingly, various activities have been taken to the re-construction of "ASTRO-E" from the fiscal 2000 on, including investigations on the technological issues to be solved and the practical measures to cope with the problems. Results of discussions with NASA, MIT, and private manufacturers in charge of development indicated that the same team should be organized to deal with the re-construction, though some of the manufacturers are required to be changed. No major problems are expected in obtaining components for constructing almost the same stellite as the previous one. Furthermore, possibilities of improving performance of the satellite such as two-to-three years extention of life-span of X-ray micro-calorimeter with the use of a newly developed mechanical refrigerating machine, and substantial decrease in stray light by the incorporation of a collimator in the X-ray reflecting mirror have been disclosed. Preparation for the re-construction of "ASTRO-E" has been thus almost completed.
Research program: Ordinary Research
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Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology

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