J-GLOBAL ID:200904095205518690  Research Project code:0150003624 Update date:Jun. 22, 2006

Characteristics of Escherichia coli producing Shiga toxin (STEC) OX3:H21 isolated human and meats (Akita Prefecture)

ヒトと食肉から分離された志賀毒素産生性大腸菌(STEC)OX3:H21の性状 秋田県
Study period:1999 - 2000
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Research overview:
STEC OX3:H21 isolated from feeding service workers and Australian beef could not be compared in their patterns due to smears of conventional human patterns. This bacterium was confirmed to be imported through meats, and it appeared that domestic study on infectious sources is necessary.
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escherichia coli producing Shiga toxin ,  (STEC)OX3:H21 ,  stx-2 ,  Not I ,  Xba I ,  PFGE
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Research program: Ordinary Research

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