J-GLOBAL ID:200904095384347762  Research Project code:9800034363 Update date:Jun. 24, 1996

Genetic diagnosis of diseases caused by UDP-glucuronic acid transferase abnormality, and basic study on genetic treatment 1) Analysis of the development mechanism and function of UDP-glucuronic acid transferase (Br-2) by destroying genes with homologous recombination

UDP-グルクロン酸転移酵素の異常によって生ずる疾患の遺伝子診断,遺伝子治療に関する基礎的研究 1)相同的組み換えを用いた遺伝子破壊によるUDP-グルクロン酸転移酵素(Br-2)の機能及び発現機構の解析
Study period:1993 - 1995
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Investigating Researcher (1):
Keywords (10):
UDP ,  enzyme ,  gene ,  gene ,  DNA ,  gene ,  gene ,  function(performance) ,  gene ,  plasmid
Research program: Ordinary Research

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