J-GLOBAL ID:200904095847837160  Research Project code:0250000561 Update date:Mar. 29, 2007

Distribution of radiation, radioactivity and social scientific parameters in Aomori Prefecture

Study period:2001 - 2005
Research field (1): Environmental dynamic analysis
Research overview:
Japan's first commercial spent nuclear fuel reprocessing plant is now under construction in Rokkasho, Aomori Prefecture. Small amounts of radionuclides will be released in regular operation of the plant. To evaluate radiation dose and the released radionuclides, distributions of background radiation and radioactive materials in the prefecture are studied, and factors affecting their variations are researched. It is also important to assess radiation dose in case of emergency. We are developing an environmental transfer model of radionuclides for dose assessment for the medium and long term after an accident. The model is optimizing to using for Rokkasho area.
Keywords (9):
spent nuclear fuel reprocessing plant ,  Aomori Prefecture ,  Rokkasho ,  radiation ,  radioactive materials ,  distribution ,  environmental transfer model ,  radionuclide ,  dose evaluation
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