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Studies on treatment and effective utilization for Awamori distillers wastes Treatment by thermophilic digestion

泡盛蒸留廃液の処理及び有効利用に関する研究 高温メタン発酵法による処理について
Study period:1994 - 1996
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Research overview:
For treatment by means of a methane fermentation method for Awamori distillers wastes, study has been made to treatment by a medium-temperature methane fermentation method (35°C), resulting in obtaining a certain treatment effect. Distillers wastes is discharged at a high temperature (90°C). Therefore, it seems that the high-temperature methane fermentation method (53-55°C) will be effective. In future, a study is made to a relation between an organic material load and a gas generation amount by using a high-temperature methane fermentation micro-organism, the water quality of a digestive juice and the property of the generated gas.
Keywords (5):
shochu ,  distillers ,  waste ,  methane ,  biological
Research program: Ordinary Research
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