J-GLOBAL ID:200904096377834956  Research Project code:0250006357 Update date:Nov. 11, 2003

Development of environment-conscious biocompatible advanced functional material using polymers affiliated to natural product: Part 3 Development of advanced functional material for medical cares using supercritical carbon dioxide

天然物由来の高分子を用いた環境調和型の生体適合性高機能化素材の開発 その3 超臨界二酸化炭素を用いた高機能化医療用素材の開発
Study period:2002 - 2002
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Research overview:
For the purpose of evolving fabric material to drug delivery system, we assessed infusion of organic drug into polylactate fiber and its evolving behavior obtained from the fiber, in PBS and rat, by using supercritical carbon dioxide. In consequence, possibility of polylactate fiber used as long-period effusing material could be found out.
Keywords (6):
polylactate fabric ,  drug delivery system ,  supercritical carbon dioxide ,  organic drug ,  injection ,  effusing behavior
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