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Development of odor-discriminating technique using sensor

Study period:2001 - 2003
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Owing to the recent various phenomena including increase in quality-unreliable importing materials, advanced needs on quality by consumers, and diversification of foods, technical consultation and requests on analysis are rapidly increasing in number concerning quality deterioration such as mixing of foreign substances and generation of nasty smell. More specifically, since odor of foods is an important factor that determines quality of foods even at the very minute ppb level presence of the relevant foreign materials, food industries in the Hiroshima prefecture indicate strong desire for the technique that allows rapid detection of odor-generating constituents. Odor-analysis requires an advanced technique and is only possible for an organization specialized in odor-analysis such as our Center to deal with odor-problems. On the other hand, a semi-conductor odor sensor permits simple and convenient detection of odor without relying on the advanced analytical expertise. However, with respect to foods consisting of diversified and complex constituents, the semiconductor sensor has almost no experience with very few examples of application to the manufacturing sites. In the present research, the application of semiconductor sensors to the quality determination at the stages of raw materials, manufacturing, and distribution is intended. For this purpose, rapid and simplified discrimination technique of odor of foods (taste of foods) is to be developed. At the same time, trace amount analysis of sulfur compounds, indispensable for the quality determination of foods, and analytical technique of odor-related constituents are to be developed.
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odor ,  sensor ,  quality control
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