J-GLOBAL ID:200904096637835358  Research Project code:9800006971 Update date:Dec. 13, 1994

Epidemiological study on pathogenic Vibrios

Study period:1984 - 1993
Organization (1):
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Research overview:
It is not so difficult to isolate Vibrio cholerae 01 and other marine Vibrios which cause food poisoning from patients, but these pathogens are rare to be isolated from environments such as sea water, fishes and shellfishes because of existing very similar Vibrios. The improved methods to differentiate these pathogenic Vibrios from similar marine vibrios on a new selective agar plate are applied to isolate these pathogens from environments.
Keywords (6):
Vibrio ,  pathogen ,  epidemiology ,  food ,  epidemic ,  separation
Research program: Ordinary Research

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