J-GLOBAL ID:200904096866450877  Research Project code:9800008772 Update date:Feb. 19, 2004

Tests on establishing Toyama rice taste evaluation

Study period:1990 - 1994
Research overview:
1) To decide an evaluation standard of foods unique to Toyama, 2) to develop an easy taste examination method usable for selection of early generations of breed seedlings, 3) to elucidate a relation between applying intermediate fertilizers, period and quantity of applying fertilizers and the taste and 4) to elucidate the cause of lowering taste of rice during harvest, drying and storage and to develope its prevention technique.
Keywords (10):
rice ,  taste ,  evaluation ,  breeding ,  variety ,  topdressing ,  harvesting ,  drying ,  storage ,  Toyama
Research program: Ordinary Research
Research budget: 1994: \2,528,000

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