J-GLOBAL ID:200904097027273524  Research Project code:0250000964 Update date:Nov. 29, 2001

Research on soybean processing in the fermented food production: Development of new evaluation method for soybean processing suitability

発酵食品製造における大豆処理に関する研究 大豆加工適性新評価方法の開発
Study period:1999 - 2000
Research overview:
Steam-boiled and ground soybean is separated into each cell and loses its shape when it is brought into the distilled water. On the other hand, when it is brought into a salt solution, it either loses its shape or maintains its shape, depending on its kind. The kind that maintains its shape holds its shape even after it is digested with table-salt containing malted rice extract solution, and this fact suggests a certain effects on the Miso quality. Relation of the shape-holding property in the salt solution with the sensual evaluation of Miso composition (roughness) was investigated, with the result of higher correlation of the shape-holding property with the soybean processing suitability for Miso, than the other properties. The shape-holding property is found effective as an item of evaluation for processing suitability to Miso.
Keywords (4):
大豆 ,  塩溶液固定性 ,  品種間差 ,  味噌加工適性
Research program: Ordinary Research

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