J-GLOBAL ID:200904098116104589  Research Project code:0150000411 Update date:Feb. 02, 2006

Research on micro electro mechanical system

Study period:2000 - 2003
Organization (1):
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Research overview:
The aim of this research is establishment of fundamental technology that is shoon following, to develop MEMS(Micro Electro Mechanical System) 1. Fabrication process of micro functional devices using thich film plotoresist and PDMS 2. Application of excimer laser (Surface modification of polymers and thin film preparation) 3. Fabrication of silicon micro-machine using anisotropic etching and anodic bonding
Keywords (6):
MEMS(Micro Electro Mechanical System) ,  thin films ,  eximer laser ,  thick film photo-resist ,  anisotropic etching ,  anodic bonding
Project Organization (1):
  • (E257000000)
Research program: Ordinary Research

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