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Establishment of breeding management system for Japanese Game (Ohhmi-shamo) Examination of proper breeding period and feeding program depend on it

’近江しゃも’の飼育管理体系の確立 適正飼育期間とそれに応じた飼料給与プログラムの検討
Study period:1996 - 1998
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Research overview:
Japanese gamecock called Ohmishamo is inferior to the broiler in fundamental ability of productions for such points, as volume increment and rate of demand for feedstock, however, superior in additional values in such points, as a bit lower rate of fat accumulated in the belly, increase in the ratio of thigh meat with elevated degree of red color and increased rupture stress. Along the increased period of feeding (16, 18, 20 weeks), a production efficiency in the demand rate for feedstock and feeding cost shows minus effects, however, plus effects such as increased factors of additional values in increment of the ratio of thigh meat with high degree of red color and increased rupture stress are observed. It has been suggested that as for feed supply program, taking advantage of the balance of productivity rate and additional factors of values, systematic supply of the feed for meat chicken until the time of 16 weeks old, and after that, the supply of the feedstock for egg delivering chicken is realistic.
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Gallus ,  rearing ,  feed(fodder) ,  feeding(supply) ,  adipose
Research program: Ordinary Research
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