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Composition Characteristics of Damaged Rice by Cold-weather and Changes of γ-Amino-butyric Acids(GABA) and Free Amino Acids During Germination

Study period:2005 - 2005
Research field (1): Food science
Research overview:
In the year of cold-weather summer, the yield of rice crop is reduced and the quality of the rice is low, therefore the improvement of its value by the process of after harvest is demanded. We investigated the composition characteristics of poorly ripened rice (grain thickness is 1.9mm or 2.0mm under) harvested in 2003, and also examined the changes of γ-Amino-butyric Acids (GABA) and free amino acids during germination. The protein contents of immature grain were low, but the total free amino acids content were higher than those of normal grain so that some of those GABA contents of some samples were 10mg/100g over. The germination rates of poorly ripened rice were 89-94% at 32°C, and the GABA contents exceeded that of the normal rice during about 12hours after the germination process. We found the possibility of improving the value of poorly ripened rice or immature grain, by the process of germination.
Keywords (3):
damaged rice by cold-weather ,  germinated brown rice ,  poorly ripened rice (grain thickness is 1.9mm or 2.0mm under)
Researcher representative of the project  (1):
  • TAKEYAMA Shinichi
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