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Technology of large-scale upland crop rotation based on laborsaving automated technology for vegetable (304050) (summary) Establishment of new agricultural system for the introduction of vegetables to Kamikawa North Area (304050)

野菜の省力機械化技術を基幹とした大規模畑輪作技術(304050)(総括) 上川北部地域における野菜導入を前提とした新農業システムの確立
Study period:1997 - 2001
Research overview:
As for the Kamikawa North area majored in dairying, and of adverse local condition, measures for introducing vegetables and upland crops, and cropping system are established. Laborsaving, high profitability production technology for vegetables and upland crops is developed. 1) Comprehensive measures for introducing vegetables and upland crops with due consideration on geographic condition and environmental preservation: a) Analytical investigation of the actual state of agricultural structure and social background, b) Confirmation of adequate variety and adequate cropping order of imported vegetables and upland crops, c) Elucidation of introducing conditions for automated production technology of vegetables and its application conditions, d) Establishment of managing technologies for environment-preserving soil and manuring with the utilization of organic resources, e) Establishment of comprehensive disease and insect pest controlling technologies with utilization of climate resources. 2) Establishment of labor-saving, high productive production technology for vegetables and upland crops: a) Application of cabbage harvesting machines to lettuce harvesting, b) Development of improved value-adding technology for automated culture of lettuce, cabbage, and Chinese cabbage, c) Elucidation of growing characteristics and establishment of cultivating technology for the new sweetening crop, Chikori. 3) Proposal of new agricultural system with due consideration on geographic condition of location and environmental preservation, and set up of its fixation condition: a) Establishment of environment evaluation indexes and method, and laying down of the new agricultural system based on the evaluation method, b) Laying down of cropping and distribution strategies for vegetables in local scale. 4) Verification of the actual new agricultural system and its evaluation in terms of business and economy aspects: a) Comparative verification of the introduced technology on crop production and environmental preservation, b) Continuous evaluation of the new system in terms of business and economy aspects.
Keywords (5):
vegetable ,  mechanization ,  labor saving ,  rotation cropping ,  agricultural management
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