J-GLOBAL ID:200904099623794623  Research Project code:9800030799 Update date:Mar. 15, 2006

Wide range of energy application network system (3) Study on measuring technique for the pollutant liquids

広域エネルギー利用ネットワークシステム (3)汚濁流体計測技術の研究
Study period:1993 - 2000
Research overview:
1) Aim of study: With effectively collecting low-quality exhaust heat disposed in an industrial area from many sides, the collected heat is transported with low loss to cities for a long distance. Energy application network system in a wide range used for cooling and heating home in cities is to be constructed. 2) Study plan: Study on contaminated liquids measurement technology (at measurement institute). With integrally considering global environmental problems, elemental technology of measurement system for physical characteristics of heat that can speedily and correctly measure HFC substitute freon and its mixture is to be developed. A flow rate measurement system excellent in practical use is to be arranged for a study to improve efficiency in exhaust heat collection.
Keywords (9):
waste ,  thermal ,  heat ,  energy ,  air ,  heat ,  flow ,  measurement ,  aliphatic
Research program: New Sunshine Program New Sunshine Project
Ministry with control over the research :
Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry
Research budget: 1996: \4,558,000

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