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Fukuoka Agricultural Research Center

福岡県農業総合試験場, フクオカケンノウギョウソウゴウシケンジョウ
Representive : Director General, YAMANAKA Masahiro
Establishment year: 1981
Address: 587 Oaza-Yoshiki, Chikushino-shi, Fukuoka 818-8549 Japan
Telephone number: +81-92-924-2936
FAX number: +81-92-924-2981
Number of employees: 232
Organization/Research department name (19):
  • Main Station;
  • Department of Research Plan and Strategy
  • /Management Division
  • /Intellectual Property Division
  • Department of Biotechnology
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Subordinate facility name  (6):
  • -Phytotron
  • -Milk Test Cow House (Free Stall Cow House)
  • -Breeding Cycle Shortening Greenhouse
  • -Closed-system Greenhouse
  • -Non-closed-system Greenhouse
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History (14):
  • 1879/01
    Industry Encouragement Experiment Station was founded.
  • 1895/01
    It was renamed Fukuoka Agricultural Experiment Station.
  • 1923/01
    Buzen Gardening Branch was established.
  • 1927/01
    It was renamed Buzen Branch.
  • 1949/01
    It was renamed Fukuoka Agricultural Experiment Station.
Purpose of establishment:
The Fukuoka Agricultural Research Center was
established to develop agricultural technologies
and improve the agricultural production and
agricultural management to promote the agriculture
in Fukuoka Prefecture.
Business overview:
At the Agricultural Research Center, research and
development is done in accordance with the four
pillars of research concept promotion which were
developed in accordance with the 'Prefectural
Agriculture Plan.'

1.Development of original new varieties and of new use application

2.Development of new technology for production and marketing of vegetables and fruits

3.Development of technology for sustainable agriculture

4.Acquisition,protection and utilization of the right to intellectual property
  • 2008: \ 577 (Million)
Branch Organization  (10):
  • Insitute of Horticulture
  • Agro-Environmental Sciences
  • Seisan Kankyo Kenkyusho
  • Institute of Animal Industry
  • Chikugo Branch Station

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