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Gifu Prefectural Agricultural Technology

岐阜県農業技術センター, ギフケンノウギョウギジュツセンター
Representive : Director,Yano,Hideji
Establishment year: 1901
Address: 729 Matamaru, Gifu-shi, Gifu 501-1152 Japan
Telephone number: +81-58-239-3131
FAX number: +81-58-239-3139
Number of employees: 55
Organization/Research department name (4):
  • Division of Crop Science
  • Division of Flowers and Ornamental Plants
  • Division of Vegetable and Fruit Tree Science
  • Division of Agricultural Environment
Subordinate facility name  (5):
  • Rice generation hastening greenhouse
  • Drain treatment facility
  • Tea testing facility
  • Temperature controlled laboratory
  • Clean room
History (8):
  • 1901/04
    Gifu Prefecture Agricultural Experiment Station was established in Kyomachi, Gifu.
  • 1925/04
    The station moved to the current Matamaru, Gifu City to be enlarged.
  • 1957/09
    Renamed as the Gifu Agricultural Experiment Station in Matamaru, Gifu.
  • 1962/04
    Nanno Experiment Sub-station was established in Kaizu, Gifu.
  • 1968/04
    Ikeda Experiment Sub-station was established in Ikeda, Gifu.
Purpose of establishment:
Research Institute for Agricultural Sciences was founded
for the technological development of the high-quality and
safe agricultural products that are trusted by consumers,
and of the agriculture which is attractive also to the
younger generation, by taking advantage of the rich
natural conditions and locations.
Business overview:
1.Promoting Gifu agriculture by taking fulladvantage of
regional characteristics.
2.Hi-tech and Advanced agriculture and information
3.Promoting an environmentally-friendly agriculture,
wealthy and high quality life for the future.

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