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Chiba University

千葉大学, チバダイガク
Representive : President, SAITO Yasushi
Establishment year: 1949
Address: 1-33, Yayoicho,Inage-ku,Chiba-shi,Chiba 263-8522 Japan
Telephone number: +81-43-251-1111
FAX number: +81-43-290-2041
Organization/Research department name (40):
  • School of Medicine,
  • Faculty of Horticulture,
  • School of Nursing,
  • Faculty of Education,
  • Faculty of Engineering,
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History (1):
  • 1949/05
    Chiba University was inaugurated as a national university under the new system, by integrating national schools under the old system in Chiba Prefecture at that time. These schools included Chiba Medical College and its affiliated Medical Department and Pharmaceutical Department, Chiba Normal School, Chiba Youth Normal School, Tokyo College of Technology, and Chiba College of Agriculture. At the beginning, Chiba University consisted of five faculties (Liberal Arts, Medicine, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Industrial Art, and Horticulture) and a research institute (Putrefaction Research Institute). After several times of improvement and reorganization, the University currently consists of nine faculties (Faculty of Letters, Faculty of Education, Faculty of Law and Economics, Faculty of Science, Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Faculty of Nursing, Faculty of Engineering, and Faculty of Horticulture), University Library, University Hospital and associated departments and centers. Based on the undergraduate education and studies, the graduate school offers four programs, i.e., Humanities (Master's Course) and Education (Master's Course), Social Science (Master's Course), and Nursing (Master's Course and Doctoral Course). There are two independent graduate schools, i.e., Social Sciences and Humanities (three-year Doctoral Course), and Science and Technology (two-year Master's Course and three-year Doctoral Course), in addition to Medical and Pharmaceutical Science programs. Together with Tokyo Gakugei University, Saitama University, Yokohama National University, the University participates in the United Graduate School of Education (three-year Doctoral Course) of Tokyo Gakugei University which was established in 1996 as a united graduate school.
Business overview:
Chiba University was founded in 1949, unifying several
regional former national colleges and schools such as
Chiba Medical College and Chiba Normal School. Its
fundamental mission since then has been,as encapsulated
by the inscriptionon on the University Bell, ad
alteriora semper(always toward the higher), to equip
students with the ability to make mature and informed
judgments while nurturing and guiding their creativity.
Pursuing these goals of excellence has resulted in
Chiba University becoming one of the leading academic
research centers of Japan.
Currently, Chiba University consists of nine faculties,
the university library , the university hospital
and other educational and research facilities.With
12,200 students in the undergraduate program, it has
long been one of the largest universities in Japan.As
for the graduate school,there are about 1,900 students
in six master's programs and 1,200 in six doctoral
Chiba University is proud of its productive faculties
and varied courses,the particulars of which will be
introduced in the following sections. The University's
three campuses, Nishi-Chiba, Inohana and Matsudo, are
ideally located in Chiba Prefecture, an area noted for
its industrial, intellectual and international
  • 2004: \ 52,188 (Million)
  • 2003: \ 47,297 (Million)
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