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Oji Paper Co., Ltd. Research&development Div. Forestry Research Institute

王子製紙(株) 研究開発本部 森林資源研究所, オウジセイシ ケンキュウカイハツホンブ シンリンシゲンケンキュウショ
Representive : Manager-director, SHIBATA Masaru
Establishment year: 1956
Address: 24-9 Nobonocho, Kameyama-shi, Mie 519-0212 Japan
Telephone number: +81-5958-5-0122
FAX number: +81-5958-5-1528
Number of employees: 41
Business overview:
Oji's Forestry Reserch lnstitute supports the technical
aspects of tree-planting projects in which we are
engaged so that we can secure ample forest resources
and preserve the environment. For example, whenever
we plant trees overseas, we first conduct a soil
survey, select a tree species that is appropriate for
the land and climate, and conduct basic research on
raising seedings, breeding, and silviculture In Japan,
we employ the company's own 190,000-hectare forest to
conduct continued research and development of
technologies for forest growth. In ddition, we use
biotechnology to breed trees as a means of improving
and developing the wood used for pulp. This kind of
biotechnology is even applied to the raising of
mushrooms for use as food. In fact, Oji was the first
to succeesd in the anificial cultivation of field
shimeji mushrooms, thus suggesting a limitless realm
of possibility.
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