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Azabu University

麻布大学, アザブダイガク
Representive : President, MASAOKA Toshio
Establishment year: 1890
Address: 1-17-71 Fuchinobe, Sagamihara-shi, Kanagawa 229-8501 Japan
Telephone number: +81-42-754-7111
FAX number: +81-42-754-7661
Organization/Research department name (6):
  • School of Veterinary Medicine,
  • College of Environmetal Health Graduate School of
  • Veterinany Science,
  • Graduate School of Environmental Health,
  • Reserch Institute of Biosciences,
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Subordinate facility name  (1):
  • Fuchinobe High School attached to Azabu University
History (30):
  • 1890/09
    Established Tokyo Veterinary School,
  • 1894/01
    Established Azabu Veterinary School, the first appointed school of free qualification test system for the graduates in Japan.
  • 1895/10
    Renamed the Tokyo Veterinary Hospital to the Veterinary Hospital attached to the Azabu Veterinary School.
  • 1895/10
    Established the new campus in Azabu-ku Shinbori-machi、Tokyo.
  • 1912/03
    Renamed the school name to Azabu Veterinary and Livestock School.
Purpose of establishment:
We endeavor to educate students the theories and skills
of veterinary medicine, livestock science, veterinary
science and environmental health, and also to develop
their ability of its' application together with the
breeding of their sound characters. Our objectives are
to contribute to the development of the science and
upgrading of the human life and to realize the peaceful
Business overview:
Education and Research
  • 2009: \ 5,196 (Million)
  • 2004: \ 5,425 (Million)
  • 2002: \ 5,572 (Million)
Branch Organization  (28):

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