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Daito Bunka University

大東文化大学, ダイトウブンカダイガク
Representive : President, KADOWAKI Hirofumi
Establishment year: 1923
Address: Itabashi Campus: 1-9-1 Takashimadaira, Itabashi-ku, Tokyo 175-8571 Japan Higashimatsuyama Campus: 560 Iwadono, Higashimatsuyama-shi, Saitama 355-8501 Japan
Telephone number: Itabashi Campus: +81-3-5399-7333 Higashimatsuyama Campus: +81-493-31-1511
FAX number: Itabashi Campus: +81-3-5399-7334 Higashimatsuyama Campus: +81-493-31-1512
Organization/Research department name (14):
  • Faculty of Literature, Faculty of Economics,
  • Faculty of Foreign Languages, Faculty of Law, Faculty
  • of International Relations, Faculty of Business
  • Administration, Faculty for Social-Human
  • Enviromentology, Faculty of Sports & Health Science, Faculty of Sociology, Graduate School of Literature, Graduate
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History (29):
  • 1923/09
    Daito Bunka Association founded a school, Daito Bunka Gakuin, the predecessor of this university.
  • 1949/04
    Tokyo Bunsei University
  • 1951/02
    Tokyo Bunsei University was re-named Bunsei University.
  • 1953/03
    The school name was changed to Daito Bunka University.
  • 1962/04
    The Faculty of Literature and Political Economy was reorganized into the Faculties of Literature and of Economics.
Purpose of establishment:
Daito Bunka University aims not only to research and
teach, and thus promote Oriental culture with emphasis
on Chinese classics, in particular Confucianism, but
also to establish moral principles based on
Confucianism. Moreover, we aim to create a new culture
through the fusion of both the Occidental and the
Oriental cultures, and to learn from Western culture on
a basis of Eastern culture.
Business overview:
Education and Research
Branch Organization  (50):

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