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Kokushikan University Physical Education Sport and Medical Science

国士舘大学 体育学部 スポーツ医科学科, コクシカンダイガク タイイクガクブ スポーツイカガッカ
Representive : YAMAGUCHI Yoshikazu
Establishment year: 2000
Address: 7-3-1 Nagayama, Tama-shi, Tokyo 206-8515 Japan
Telephone number: +81-42-339-7200
FAX number: +81-42-339-7238
History (25):
  • 1917/01
    Founding of kokushikan Gijuku.
  • 1926/01
    School of Commerce opens.
  • 1929/01
    College opens with courses in Japanese and Chinese Classics, judo and Kendo.
  • 1930/01
    Established and opens a higher Takushoku School
  • 1947/01
    Established and opens Kokushikan Junior High School
Purpose of establishment:
This department was first established in Japan by
kokushikan. It was created to train students to
become lifelong sports leaders and first-aid medics
who would master the skill of emergency medical
treatment. The department trains sports leaders to
have the skills required in the emergency medical
treatment of senior citizens, infants, grown-ups,
handicapped persons and for everyone. In light of
the ever increasing aging society, the students
acquire the knowledge and technical skills to cope
with disasters and accidents promptly. In preparation
for border-less contribution, the curriculums cover
language education, medical anthropology, and tropical
medicine in order to produce human resources with
multitarious perspectives of sports and medical
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