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Railway Technical Research Institute

公益財団法人鉄道総合技術研究所, コウエキザイダンホウジンテツドウソウゴウギジュツケンキュウショ
Representive : Chairman: Eisuke Masada, President: Hisasi Tarumi
Establishment year: 1986
Address: 2-8-38 Hikari-cho, Kokubunji-shi, Tokyo, 185-8540, Japan
Telephone number: +81-42-573-7223
FAX number: +81-42-573-7355
Number of employees: 505
Organization/Research department name (1):
  • Planning Division Research & Development Promotion Division Vehicle Structure Technology Division Vehicle Control Technology Division Structures Technology Division \\t Power Supply Technology Division Track Technology Division Disaster Prevention Technology Division Signalling & Telecommunications Technology Division Transport Information Technology Division Materials Technology Division Railway Dynamics Division Environmental Engineering Division Human Science Division Maglev Systems Technology Division
History (11):
  • 1986/12
    Establishment of the Railway Technical Research Institute authorized by the Ministry of Transport
  • 1987/04
    RTRI inherited the R&D arm of the Japanese National Railways upon division and privatization
  • 1990/11
    Vehicle Test Plant was completed
  • 1992/10
    Shinjuku Office of RTRI was opened
  • 1993/01
    Braking test plant was completed
Business overview:
In 1987, when the Japanese National Railways(JNR) was privatized
and divided into seven Japan Railways(JR) companies, the Railway
Technical Research Institute and the Railway Labor Science Institute
were merged into one railway research center-the Railway Technical
Research Institute(RTRI).
The founding aim of RTRI reflects the management strategies of the
JR companies; to develop basic technology and research applications;
to promote technology transfer to JR companies; to promote the
Maglev (magnetic levitation) system with the technology inherited
from JNR; and to study safety measures. Since its start, RTRI has
been faithful to its founding guidelines and has undertaken not
only R&D but also technical consultancy to help JR companies pursue
long-range research and contribute to Japanese scientific and
cultural progress.
  • 2010: \ 18,600 (Million)

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