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Ibaraki Prefectural Livestock Research Center, Beef Cattle Laboratory

茨城県畜産センター 肉用牛研究所, イバラキケンチクサンセンター ニクヨウギュウケンキュウショ
Establishment year: 1971
Address: 3700 Tono, HitachiOhmiya-shi, Ibaraki 319-2224 Japan
Telephone number: +81-295-52-3167
FAX number: +81-295-53-4490
Number of employees: 15
Organization/Research department name (3):
  • Research Laboratory
  • Feeding Management
  • Technology Laboratory
Subordinate facility name  (4):
  • Artificial insemination center, stud bull shed,
  • progeny test shed, breeding cowshed, fattening cowshed,
  • manure fermenting facility, feed storage, manure house,
  • agricultural machinery storage, etc.
History (3):
  • 1971/01
    Large Livestock Management Center was embarked. Grassland experiments of milk cattle and beef cattle were started.
  • 1989/01
    The Center was renamed Intermountain Area Branch, Ibaraki Prefectural Livestock Experiment Station. Milk cattle and beef cattle experiments were halted and Division of Fertilized Egg Supply was established.
  • 2000/01
    The Center was renamed Beef Cattle Research Institute, Ibaraki Prefectural Livestock Research Center. Division of Fertilized Egg Supply was abolished and research project for creating stud bull was started.
Purpose of establishment:
The Institute aims at developing high quality bulls as
the basis for producing Hitachi beef, promoting the
improvement of Japanese Black Cattle, and studying
technology of new feeding management of beef cattle and
grassland management and use.

Business overview:
Experiment and research on developing beef cattle and
improving beef cattle
Experiment and research on feeding management of beef
cattle and grassland management

  • 2007: \ 45 (Million)
  • 2006: \ 44 (Million)
  • 2005: \ 45 (Million)
  • 2004: \ 43 (Million)
  • 2003: \ 48 (Million)

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