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Kanagawa Prefectural Institute of Public Health

神奈川県衛生研究所, カナガワケンエイセイケンキュウジョ
Representive : Director General, OKABE Hideo
Establishment year: 1902
Address: 1-3-1 Shimomachiya, Chigasaki-shi, Kanagawa 253-0087 Japan
Telephone number: +81-467-83-4400
FAX number: +81-467-83-4457
Number of employees: 64
Organization/Research department name (22):
  • Administration Section
  • Planning and Information Division
  • Planning and Coordination Section
  • Public Health Information Section
  • Biology Division
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History (10):
  • 1902/01
    Plague Inspection Station was founded, when the plague broke out at Kaigan Dori 5 Chome, Yokohama City.
  • 1912/01
    When an office building was completed at Ogi Cho 9 Chome, the Station and Microbes Inspection Station were merged into a new one, Second Hygiene Experiment Station.
  • 1919/01
    The Station moved to Nakamura Cho.
  • 1937/01
    First Hygiene Experiment Station, in charge of pharmacy, foods and drinks, Milk and Meat Experiment Laboratory, and Domestic Animals Hygiene Experiment Laboratory, which were located at the prefecture office building, were integrated into a new station, Central Hygiene Experiment Station of Kanagawa Prefecture.
  • 1948/09
    Kanagawa prefectural ordinance on establishment of Hygiene Institute of Kanagawa Prefecture was enacted in September on the basis of a notice, "Guidance for establishing a local hygiene institute", communicated by the three Bureaus of the Ministry of Health and Welfare.
Purpose of establishment:
The Institute was founded as a scientific and technological
center in order to carry out efficiently public health
measures and improve public hygiene in the prefecture.
The Institute aims to conduct researches, inspections, and
guidance, and to collect, analyze, and supply the relevant
information in close cooperation with other administrative
Business overview:
This laboratory was founded in order to respond public
concerns about health care and to support driving of
medical services corresponding to the community changes.
For that purpose, it is making various activities:
diseases and food poisoning control, in particular
infections associated with the public health in
Kanagawa; researches and testing of safety of drinking
water, food, domestic articles and drugs; researches
and testing for conservation of sanitary living
conditions; giving instructions and training; analyzing
and offering public heath information.
  • 2003: \ 296 (Million)
  • 2002: \ 260 (Million)
  • 2001: \ 285 (Million)
  • 2000: \ 291 (Million)
  • 1999: \ 305 (Million)

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