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Ishikawa Prefectural Institute of Public Health and Environmental Science

石川県保健環境センター, イシカワケンホケンカンキョウセンター
Representive : Director, DOUMAE Shizuo
Establishment year: 1949
Address: 1-11 Taiyogaoka, Kanazawa-shi, Ishikawa 920-1154 Japan
Number of employees: 65
Organization/Research department name (3):
  • -Information Science Department
  • -Health and Food Safety Department
  • -Environmental Science Department
Subordinate facility name  (3):
  • RI Experimental Building
  • Environmental Radiation Mobile Measurement Vehicle
  • TLD Standard Irradiation Facility
History (9):
  • 1949/01
    Institute of Health was founded.
  • 1963/07
    The Institute was moved to the newly constructed building at 2 Housai, Kanazawa City.
  • 1970/12
    The Institute was moved to the newly constructed building at 2 Minma, Kanazawa City.
  • 1971/10
    It was renamed Institute of Health and Environmental Pollution.
  • 1973/12
    With the establishment of Atmosphere Monitoring Center, activities related to air pollutions, noises, vibrations, and bad smells were transferred to the Center.
Business overview:
(1) Study and research
The Institute positively promotes study and research
on health and environment to raise technological standards
and utilize the accomplishments for the administration.
(2) Tests and examinations
The Institute performs high accuracy tests, examinations,
measurements, and analyses on small amount of components,
etc. using cutting-edge measurement instruments.
(3) Environmental monitoring (constantly)
The Institute constantly and automatically observes air
pollution and radioactivity in air at various locations
in Ishikawa Prefecture.
(4) Education and guidance
The Institute provides education and guidance on expert
skills for solving health, hygiene and environmental
(5) Analysis and provision of health and environmental
The Institute collects and analyzes health and
environmental information and offers it through health
centers and municipal offices.
  • 2001: \ 1,098 (Million)
  • 1999: \ 734 (Million)
  • 1998: \ 733 (Million)

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