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Atomi University

跡見学園女子大学, アトミガクエンジョシダイガク
Representive : President, SHIMADA hidemasa
Establishment year: 1965
Address: 1-9-6 Nakano, Niiza-shi, Saitama 352-8501 Japan
Telephone number: +81-48-478-3333
FAX number: +81-48-478-3111
Organization/Research department name (2):
  • 1, Faculty of Letters
  • 2, Faculty of Management
Subordinate facility name  (5):
  • Kakei Memorial Collection
  • Operation Center for General Education
  • Information Media Center
  • Psychological Education Bureau
  • Library
History (9):
  • 1965/01
    Established Atomi University (Course of Domestic Letters, Course of Aesthetics History of Art.
  • 1967/01
    Established Course of English Letters.
  • 1974/01
    Established Course of Culture.
  • 1992/01
    Established New Library.
  • 1993/01
    Established New Building.
Purpose of establishment:
Our objectives are considering as the center of the
scholarship, to educate wide knowledge of students
and to instill in students the highly professional
theory and skills in order to develop intelligent,
morally and applying ability of students. In
accordance with the spirit of Mrs. Kakei Atomi, the
founder of this School, we endeavor to breed women,
who have excellent ability to society and home.

Business overview:

Branch Organization  (6):

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