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Kumamoto University Graduate School of Science and Technology

熊本大学 大学院自然科学研究科, クマモトダイガク ダイガクインシゼンカガクケンキュウカ
Representive : Dean, HIYAMA Takashi
Establishment year: 1988
Address: 2-39-1 Kurokami, Kumamoto-shi, Kumamoto 860-8555 Japan
Telephone number: +81-96-342-3530
FAX number: +81-96-342-3010
Organization/Research department name (12):
  • Science and Technology for Chemistry and Physics,
  • Materials Science and Technology,
  • Mechanical Engineering,
  • Mathematics and Computer Science,
  • Electrical and Computer Science,
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Purpose of establishment:
The aim of the Graduate School is to foster breadth
and depth of knowledge, creativity, flexibility of
judgement, and leadership among those with science
and engineering backgrounds so as to effectively meet
the various problems and challenges presented by a
fast-paced and rapidly changing society.
Through a strong program of interdisciplinary studies
and coordinated collaboration involving the Master's
program of higher professional education and the
Doctoral program of comprehensive, cutting-edge
education and research, the Graduate School seeks to
provide students with the wide diversity of background
necessary for the flexible management of today's
interdisciplinary problems.
The Graduate School serves to meet local human
resource needs through cooperation with those
off-campus institutions in the vanguard of technology
and research, particularly those that demonstrate
vision, originality, creativity, and leadership in
regional development.
In its pursuit of vitality, the Graduate School opens
its doors to people from all walks of life through its
streamlined entrance policy for non-traditional and
international students, as well as an improved
educational and research environment.

  • 2007: \ 252 (Million)
  • 2006: \ 297 (Million)
  • 2005: \ 292 (Million)
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