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Ibaraki Prefectural Industrial Technology Center

茨城県工業技術センター, イバラキケンコウギョウギジュツセンター
Representive : Chief of Center, KUWASHIMA Hidesumi
Establishment year: 1985
Address: 3781-1 Nagaoka, Ibaraki-machi, Higashiibaraki-gun, Ibaraki 311-3195 Japan
Telephone number: +81-29-293-7212
FAX number: +81-29-293-8029
Number of employees: 66
Organization/Research department name (14):
  • Planning and Management Division
  • Industrial Coordination Room
  • Technological Fusion Section
  • Basic Technology Section
  • Advanced Materials Section
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Subordinate facility name  (3):
  • -Textile Research Institute
  • -Ceramics Research Institute
  • -Ibaraki Salon
History (5):
  • 1985/04
    Ibaraki Prefectural Industrial Experiment Station, Ibaraki Prefectural Textile Research Institute, Ibaraki Prefectural Ceramics Research Institute, and Ibaraki Prefectural Food Experiment Station were united, then Ibaraki Prefectural Industry Technology Center was inaugurated.
  • 1989/07
    Ibaraki Salon was opened in Tsukuba Research Support Center.
  • 1990/03
    Ibaraki Prefectural Research Exchange Center was built.
  • 1996/11
    Ceramics Institute moved to new building in Kasama Kasama-shi, and named "Takumi Kobo, Kasama".
  • 1998/03
    Sake Brewery Technology Institute was built, and named "Miki Tsukasa Ibaraki".
Purpose of establishment:
Industry Technology Center was established for performing
research, study and guidance related to industry.
Business overview:
-Ibaraki Prefectural Industry Technology Center performs
research development, technical guidance, culturing of
talented persons, and presentation of information, for
supporting technical development of small-and-medium size
industries in Ibaraki Prefecture, as well as heightening
fundamental technology and developing our own products.
-Ibaraki Prefectural Industry Technology Center promotes
"Virtual Corporation, Ibaraki" for exhibiting coordinate
function so that intelligent, human, and economic resources
in Ibaraki Prefecture should be effectively used and supports
original and independent industry.
  • 2003: \ 700 (Million)
  • 2000: \ 904 (Million)
  • 1999: \ 927 (Million)
  • 1998: \ 872 (Million)
Branch Organization  (2):
  • Textile Research Institute
  • Ceramic Research Institute

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