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Kindai University Faculty of Agriculture Department of Fisheries

近畿大学 農学部 水産学科, キンキダイガク ノウガクブ スイサンガッカ
Representive : Head of a department, ISHIBASHI Yasunori
Establishment year: 1958
Address: 3327-204 Nakamachi, Nara-city, Nara 631-8505 Japan
Telephone number: +81-742-43-1511
FAX number: +81-742-43-1155
History (4):
  • 1958/01
    Department of Fisheries established in Faculty of Agriculture
  • 1986/01
    Graduate School of Agriculture (Master Course for Fisheries) established
  • 1989/01
    Faculty of Agriculture Transferred to Nara Campus
  • 1989/01
    Graduate School of Agriculture (Doctor Course for Fisheries) established
Purpose of establishment:
In the department of fisheries, students study
sciences on the relationship between aquatic
environments, their creatures, and human beings,
extensively. Then, the chief aim of our education is
to bring up talented persons who play an active part
in the related industrial fields by using freely
marine environmental science, conservation ecology,
marine biotechnology, and so on in addition to usual
fisheries sciences.
Business overview:
The department of fisheries consists of five
laboratories, Lab. of aquatic biology, Lab. of
aquaculture, Lab. of aquatic-environmental science,
Lab. of aquatic food science, and Lab. of fisheries
hydrography. Studies and educations are carried out
on the technology for aquaculture of tuna, red sea
bream, and flatfish, genetic breeding for development
of new species, aquatic ecology for protection of
threatened fishes, aquatic-environmental science for
control of red tides and global monitor of marine
environments, fisheries chemistry for quality
improvement, and so on. Furthermore, at Laboratories
of Aquaculture, Kinki University in Wakayama
Prefecture, students experience the artificial
production of seedlings and put their knowledge that
they got at Nara campus into preactice.
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