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Nagoya University Solar-Terrestrial Environment Laboratory

名古屋大学 太陽地球環境研究所, ナゴヤダイガク タイヨウチキュウカンキョウケンキュウジョ
Representive : Director, KAMIDE Yohsuke
Establishment year: 1990
Address: 3-13 Honohara, Toyokawa-shi, Aichi 442-8507 Japan Furocho, Chikusa-ku, Nagoya-shi, Aichi 464-8602 Japan
Telephone number: +81-533-86-3154
FAX number: +81-533-86-0811
Purpose of establishment:
Research on the structure of the Sun-Earth Cnvironment
and its dynamic behavior
Business overview:
The Solar-Terrestrial Environment (STE) Laboratory
was established in June 1990 as one of the
research institutes attached to Nagoya University.
Its purpose is the promotion of collaborative
research on the effect of solar activity on the
terrestrial environment. The STE Laboratory consists
of four research divisions, Division I Atmospheric
Environment, Division II Ionospheric and
Magnetospheric Environment, Division III Heliospheric
Environment, Division IV Integrated Studies,
and a Division for visiting scientists. We have
actively participated in international and
domestic cooperative programs on the global
environment by carryingout several major observations
in close collaboration with other institutions.
Most observations have been deployed as international
cooperative research projects not only at the
observation sites of the STE Laboratory in Japan,
but also atapproximately 25 observation points
situated in the United States, Canada, Russia,
Australia, New Zealand, Svalbard, Norway, Indonesia,
and Bolivia.These observations monitor geomagnetic
variations,ULF and VLF waves,cosmic noise absorption,
auroras, minor atmospheric constituents, aerosol,
solar wind, solar neutrons and cosmic rays.
The Laboratory has a graduate course program for
solar-terrestrial science as part of the
Graduate School of Science. It also cooperates with
the Graduate School of Engineering in teaching/training
graduate students in related disciplines of
solar-terrestrial science.
Center for Joint observations and Data Processing
The Center for Joint Observations and Data Processing
was approved for attachment to the Laboratory in
April 1995. The purpose of the Center is to coordinate
joint research projects and construct data bases in
the field of solar-terrestrialscience.
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