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Okayama University Dental School

岡山大学 歯学部, オカヤマダイガク シガクブ
Representive : Dean, ASAUMI Junichi
Establishment year: 1979
Address: 2-5-1, Shikatacho, Kita-ku, Okayama-shi, Okayama 700-8525 Japan
Telephone number: +81-86-223-7151
FAX number: +81-86-235-7045
History (2):
  • 1979/01
    The Dental School was founded in 1979 and its eighteen departments (eight departments of basic sciences and ten departments of clinical sciences) were successively established in the following five years.
  • 2004/04
    Okayama University was transformed into Okayama University, National University Corporation.
Purpose of establishment:
The Dental School, as a member of University,
cultivates intelligence and humanity, provides
professional education in dentistry and, thereby,
aims to brings up leading dentists.
Business overview:
The Dental School is a faculty of health sciences
dealing with a wide variety of oral health
problems such as dental caries, periodontal
diseases, malocclusion, jaw bone fracture and
oral cancer.
The oral cavity plays indispensable roles in
respiration, food intake, speech and other
important biological functions. Moreover, the
relationship between mastication and brain
functions has recently been attracting increasing
interest of scientists.
The Dental School is involved in education and
research in the field of the above oral health
sciences,and care for oral health problems are
being undertaken at the Dental Hospital.
In the earlier part of the full six-year course of
dental education, the students are expected to
cultivate intelligence and humanity in themselves
through thegeneral education curriculum. Meanwhile
the students are invited to guided tours to the
Dental Hospital and other medical facilities
inside as well as outside the Dental School.
Besides these general education and motivation
programs, basicscience education program also
starts relatively early. The latter includes basic
medical and dental science courses such as anatomy,
physiology and biochemistry. These subjects
constitute the intellectual base for learning
clinical subjects to come later.
The later half of the education in the Dental
School consists of clinical subjects. Lectures on
theoretical aspects are given first, and then arts
of clinical procedures are practiced using a
patient simulation system.
Lectures on (non-dental) clinical medical
subjects are also given because oral health is
closely related to the condition of the rest of
the body.
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