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Okayama University of Science Faculty of Informatics Department of Biosphere-Geosphere System Science

岡山理科大学 総合情報学部 生物地球システム学科, オカヤマリカダイガク ソウゴウジョウホウガクブ セイブツチキュウシステムガッカ
Representive : Chief of Deaprtment, TAGAWA Jun
Establishment year: 1996
Address: 1-1 Ridaicho, Okayama-shi, Okayama 700-0005 Japan
Telephone number: +81-86-256-8003
FAX number: +81-86-256-8006
History (3):
  • 1997/04
    Established Department of Biosphere-Geosphere System Science
  • 2001/04
    Established Master's Program in Biosphere-Geosphere System Science, Graduate School of Informatics
  • 2003/04
    Established Doctoral Program in Mathematical and Environment System, Graduate School of Informatics
Purpose of establishment:
Studies of geology,biology,anthorpology and their
inter-disciplinary approach.
Parent Organization  (2):

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