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Osaka University

大阪大学, オオサカダイガク
Representive : President, HIRANO Toshio
Establishment year: 1931
Address: 1-1 Yamadaoka, Suita-shi, Osaka 565-0871 Japan
History (44):
  • 1724/01
  • 1838/01
  • 1869/01
  • 1880/01
  • 1915/01
Business overview:
"Imperial Osaka University" was founded in 1931 thanks to the enthusiastic support of the citizens of Osaka and persons involved in the university with two schools, Medicine and Science. However, our university's roots reach back to Tekijuku, a private "place of learning" founded by the doctor and scholar of Western sciences OGATA Koan at the end of the Edo period. Tekijuku's open academic culture and forward-looking spirit eventually gave birth to Osaka Prefecture Medical School and, eventually, to today's Osaka University.
When the schools of Law, Economics, and Humanities were established following the end of World War II, book collections possessed by Kaitokudo were passed on to Osaka University. Kaitokudo was a "place of learning" for merchants, founded by merchants, in Osaka in the late Edo period. These book collections were symbolic of the original scholarship and "Osaka spirit" that our university inherited with these tomes.
As can be seen, thanks to the support of the citizens of Osaka, the spirit and roots of Osaka University reach back to Kaitokudo and Tekijuku. Now, under the motto "Live Locally, Grow Globally," Osaka University continues to develop its graduate schools. Moreover, after going through transitions such as the legal status change to that of a national university corporation in 2004 and its merger with Osaka University of Foreign Studies in 2007, Osaka University has emerged as a genuine comprehensive university. In this process, Osaka University has produced many excellent scholars, educators, intellectuals, as well as key government and business leaders.
Universities are the center of scholarship and education. Society asks that universities promote scholarship to perceive the true essence of things and to nurture personnel who can understand this true essence. It is said that a 100-year national plan should focus on education. Japan's future depends on the development, the education, of our nation's human resources.
Innovative technological development and the creation of a spiritually rich and peaceful society cannot be realized without advancement in the sciences. Society asks that universities promote fundamental academic research as a creative intellectual activity. I believe that the energy a university invests in fundamental academic research gives birth to fundamental strengths.
I am resolved to strengthening Osaka University as an outstanding center of learning, one capable of setting trends rather than being set by them. Hence, we will continue to provide fundamental and advanced academic research and education that only a university can provide. On that basis, we are committed to the active promotion of university-industry-government collaboration and university-industry collaboration as well as addressing the challenges facing modern society.
As the strength of any organization depends on the support of its members, Osaka University will continue to nurture a working environment in which all members can maximize their potential and all departments and research facilities can exhibit their originality.
Tekijuku introduced Western medicine and scholarship to Japan and thereby nurtured graduates who blazed paths in the early Meiji period for a modern Japan. Graduates included, among others, OMURA Masujiro, who laid the foundation of Japan's modern military and FUKUZAWA Yukichi, the founder of Keio University.
Now is the time to coalesce the wisdom of all members of the Osaka University community and lay a foundation on which Osaka University will continue to shine forth in the 21st century and even into the 22nd century as a world leader of both learning and education.
As guidelines for what we should do and leave for the next generation for the achievement of our determination and ideal, Osaka University has formulated Osaka University Academic Initiatives for 2012-2015 -- to be a university that shines forth even into the 22nd century and set up the Institute for Academic Initiatives. Furthermore, we have established the Osaka University Future Funds to secure our financial foundation as well.
I ask for your support of Osaka University and the principles it stands for and I look forward to your continued and warm support for a bright future. Osaka University regularly updates information on its website ( Please "drop by" often and stay up-to-date on the latest.
  • 2012: \ 138,532 (Million)
  • 2002: \ 99,390 (Million)
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