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Kokugakuin University

國學院大學, コクガクインダイガク
Representive : President, HARIMOTO Masayuki
Establishment year: 1882
Address: 4-10-28 Higashi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-8840 Japan
History (62):
  • 1882/01
    Kokugakuin University's predecessor, Koten Kokyujo(Research Institute for the Imperial Classics) is established in Chiyoda Ward, Tokyo. Opening ceremonies are held on November 4.
  • 1890/01
    Koten Kokyujo is renamed kokugakuin (Institute for National Learning), Offering three majors: Japanese History, Japanese Literature, and Japanese Law.
  • 1904/01
    The institute was promoted to a vocational school, according to Vocational School Law.
  • 1906/01
    The institute was renamed Private Kokugakuin University.
  • 1919/01
    The institute was renamed Kokugakuin University.
Purpose of establishment:
Kokugakuin University is an institution of learning and education,
founded with the dual mission of exploring and passing on Japan's
traditional culture and the unique Japanese mind running at its
base, while simultaneously adopting and creativily developing the
learning of other countries.
Business overview:
Educational and Research functions
Branch Organization  (36):
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