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Niigata University Institute of Nephrology

新潟大学 大学院医歯学総合研究科附属腎研究施設, ニイガタダイガク ダイガクインイシガクソウゴウケンキュウカフゾクジンケンキュウシセツ
Representive : Director, YAMAMOTO Tadashi
Establishment year: 2002
Address: 757 Asahichodori 1-bancho, Niigata-city, Niigata 951-8510 Japan
Telephone number: +81-25-223-6161
FAX number: +81-25-227-0715
Purpose of establishment:
Institute of Nephrology, Niigata University Graduate
School of Medical and Dental Sciences was
reestablished and composed of now, three departments,
with the aim of organizing a research system in which
we are able to coordinate crossing over the boundary
of each department. Using modern techniques of
cellular and molecular biology, we can challenge the
difficult subjects on nephrology by this research
system effectively, flexibly and prospectively.
  • 2004: \ 130 (Million)
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