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Hokkaido Prefectural Tokachi Agricultural Experiment Station

北海道立十勝農業試験場, ホッカイドウリツトカチノウギョウシケンジョウ
Representive : Director,OZAKI Masaharu
Establishment year: 1895
Address: 2, Minami 9 sen, Shinsei, Memuro-cho, Kasai-gun, Hokkaido, 082-0071, Japan
Telephone number: +81-155-62-2431
FAX number: +81-155-62-0680
Number of employees: 48
Subordinate facility name  (5):
  • 1. Laboratory for Plant Pathology and Entomology
  • 2. Phytotron for Cold Tolerance Research of Beans and soy beans (2)
  • 3. Greenhouse for Beans and soy beans (2)
  • 4. Sugar beet Analyzing Facility
  • 5. Artificial crossing short-day processing facility
History (3):
  • 1895/01
    The Station was originally established as a branch of the Hokkaido Agricultural Experimental Farm in Obihiro.
  • 1961/01
    The Station was moved from Obihiro to the present location in Memuro.
  • 1964/01
    It was renamed as the Hokkaido Prefectural Tokachi Agricultural Experiment Station.
Purpose of establishment:
In order to serve the need to develop high and stable yields,
good quality and cold tolerance of field crops in the Tokachi
District, the Station has been expanded by adding new Sections.
Now, there are 9 Sections in the Department of Research and
Research Support, including Soybean Breeding (established in
1956), Bean Breeding (1973) and Department of Agricultural
Extension (1969).
Through the effort of research and extension and the
cooperation of producers over the years, the Tokachi District
has become the most famous field crop production center in
Japan. However, the agriculture in the Tokachi region in
facing new serious problems such as competition of local
farm produce with foreign imports and contamination of
farm land by agro-chemicals and agro-scrapped materials.
Researchers at the Station are developing new technologies
that can maximize the production of field and horticultural
crops, minimize the production input, and protect the agro-
Business overview:
-Breeding of new varieties of soybean, azuki, and kidney
beans. -Development of culturing techniques for
soybean, azuki, other beans, corn, sugar beet, wheat,
potato, and tuberous vegetable. -Improvement of fertilization
method, and improvement of soil management technique.
-Establishment of disease and pest insect control techniques.
-Development and improvement of labor-saving operation machine,
and establishment of machinery operation system.
-Establishment of low-cost and high-productivity
agricultural business management.
  • 2002: \ 324 (Million)
  • 1997: \ 278 (Million)
  • 1996: \ 759 (Million)
  • 1995: \ 798 (Million)

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