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Ariake National College of Technology Department of Creative Engineering (Energy)

有明工業高等専門学校 創造工学科(エネルギー), アリアケコウギョウコウトウセンモンガッコウ ソウゾウコウガッカ(エネルギー)
Representive : Head of Department, OZAWA Kenji
Establishment year: 1963
Address: 150 Higashihagiomachi, Omuta-shi, Fukuoka 836-8585 Japan
Telephone number: +81-944-53-8867
FAX number: +81-944-53-8867
History (1):
  • 1963/04
Purpose of establishment:
As can be seen from the progress of the recent
information-oriented society,electrical engineering is
now taking the lead in the technological innovation.
Its leading role is also prominent in the field of
energy. Electrical engineering has turned out to be a
technological driving forcd to create a more affluent
society. The students in the department, therefore, are
to study such basic subjeccts as electronic engineering,
computers, and control and power system engineering.
The department helps the students to deepen the
understanding of theories and phenomena in electrical
engineering laboratory experiments and graduation
research. The curriculum is organized to train the
students into the electrical engineers who are capable
of satisfying the requirements for the innovation in
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