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University of Shizuoka Faculty of International Relations Department of International Languages and Cultures

静岡県立大学 国際関係学部 国際言語文化学科, シズオカケンリツダイガク コクサイカンケイガクブ コクサイゲンゴブンカガッカ
Representive : Dean, INADA Harutoshi
Establishment year: 1987
Address: 52-1 Yada,Shizuoka,Shizuoka 422-8526 Japan
Telephone number: +81-54-264-5102
FAX number: +81-54-264-5099
History (1):
  • 1987/01
Purpose of establishment:
The Department offers various courses in the languages,
cultures, thoughts, and histories of countries which have
a close relationship with Japan. Depending on their
prospective careers, there are four programs for students
to choose from : British and American culture, Japanese
culture, Asian culture, and European culture.
Learning a language and understanding a culture are the two
most important parts of each program. Comparative studies
in literature, language, and culture are also offered in
the curriculom.
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