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Hitotsubashi University

一橋大学, ヒトツバシダイガク
Representive : President, NAKANO Satoshi
Establishment year: 1949
Address: 2-1 Naka, Kunitachi-shi, Tokyo 186-8601 Japan
Telephone number: +81-42-580-8000
FAX number: +81-42-580-8006
Organization/Research department name (15):
  • Hitotsubashi Institute for Advanced Study
  • Faculty of Commerce and Management
  • Faculty of Economics
  • Faculty of Law
  • Faculty of Social Sciences
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History (44):
  • 1875/09
    (founded in Sept.1875, Privately endowed, became Tokyo prefectural in May 1876) Established Institute for Business Training
  • 1884/03
    Renamed Tokyo Commercial School
  • 1885/09
    Merged with Tokyo Foreign Language School and its Attached Higher Commercial School (-Feb.1886), and renamed the Tokyo Commercial School
  • 1886/01
    Established attached Institute for Training Apprentices in Commerce and Industry (Jan.1890, Attached Institute for Training Apprentices in Mechanics, transferred to Tokyo School of Mechanics)
  • 1886/05
    Took over Institute for Banking Business Training Administered by Ministry of Finance Special Course in Banking (Jun.1887, changed to Special Course in Accountants, Mar.1889 changed to, Accountant School Sept.1893, abolished)
Purpose of establishment:
Hitotsubashi's mission is "the training of people of
character who can make a contribution to general
research in the social sciences and human culture."
Even before World War II, Hitotsubashi differed from
the other older national universities that were founded
solely to train government officials. Along with raising
capable people for the industrial world, we have pushed
for the modernization and rationalization of the Japanese
economy and society with the private sector. This was
probably the reason for Hitotsubashi having more of a
private atmosphere than a public one. At that time,
rather than giving themselves up to government officials,
Hitotsubashi graduates had a tendency to seek jobs in the
business world. However, in recent years, this trend is
substantially changing as more graduates have begun to
continue on to careers in areas such as the central
government office, prefectural government offices, mass
media or legal services.
Hitotsubashi, which is said to have started with the
areas of commerce and economics, also has a well
established learning system within the field of general
social sciences that has existed since the school was
established. Before the war, Hitotsubashi had already
expanded from the narrow field of social sciences to
also offer education in other topics of humanities
such as philosophy, literature and history. Year after
year, the university produces prominent individuals
with a background in these subjects, and has broadly
cultivated its learning system. As a result, when the
university adopted a new education system after the war,
the four undergraduate faculties of commerce, economics,
law and social sciences, as well as the four graduate
schools, were well established. Then, in 1996, during the
time of much university changes known as the "Liberal
Arts Reorganization," the fifth graduate program, the
Graduate School of Language and Society, was born. From
April of 2000, at our university's original location in
Kanda, near the Imperial Palace, the Graduate School of
International Corporate Strategy was opened as first
MBA course among Japanese national universities.
We are eagerly anticipating great social impacts to emerge
as a result of this new program. In addition, at the
Institute of Economic Research and the Institute of
Innovation Research, numerous researchers have gathered
to produce high-level results that are shared across
the globe.
In addition, Law School has started its course since April of
2004. Full-scale and practical courses are offered to students
who wish to make their way into the judicial circles. We educate
100 students each scholastic year and develop promising students.
Graduate School of International and Public Policy is in earnest
preparation to start in April 2005 as the third Graduate School
after Graduate School of International Corporate Strategy and Law
School. It is a comparatively small scale Graduate School which
has 55 students in each scholastic year, we are planning to educate
the students especially who would like to be the specialists such
as the bureaucrats in public sector.
Business overview:
Hitotsubashi University, as one of the oldest
institutions for social sciences in Japan, rich in
tradition and with many outstanding achievements to
its name, has long been a leading university in
the Japanese academic world. This is the predominant
feature of Hitotsubashi University. Keeping in line
with this tradition, and being blessed with many
learned professors, Hitotsubashi University aims to
pioneer the new fields of researches by throwing light
on new problems and solving them.
A second feature of Hitotsubashi University, is the
seminar - tutorial system, which is the core of the
educational system at Hitotsubashi. Hitotsubashi was
the first University in Japan to implement the
seminar system. The seminar system is compulsory,
with only 10 to 15 students in each seminar. This
system is a lot different from those of other Japanese
Universities and it is believed that small group
seminars created the educational climate that respects
for individual thinking.
Thirdly, Hitotsubashi University is blessed with a
beautiful campus in a lovely natural setting. The
main campus, the Kunitachi campus, (320,000sq.
meters) in the education district of Kunitachi, is
situated amongst a natural forest of pine, zelkova
and oak, where the chirping of many rare birds can
be heard. Kanematsu auditorium and the towering
library clock tower of Romanesque style architecture
melt into the natural backdrop of a French style
Fourthly, since the university was established, it
has had 130 years of long history, yet has produced
only 70,000 graduates. Thus, ties with alumni
are extremely strong. The Josui Alumni Association
(Josuikai), founded by graduates, is not only an
alumni association but also supports Hitotsubashi
Finally, amongst the universities in Japan,
Hitotsubashi graduates have very high employment
prospects. This is due to the high achievements of
Hitotsubashi graduates who are new leading the
industrial world and a strong link to graduate
In recent years, the number of graduates going into
fields of public service, legal circles and the
mass media has increased and we hope that such
expansion will continue.
Moreover while an overwhelming majority of students find employment
to prestigious companies, we also mark the nation-wide highest rate
of success to pass the National Government Examination, especially
the National Bar Examination and the Certified Public Accountant
Examination. As an university in the field of social sciences, we
aim to train our students to possess a global view and contribute
to economic society widely.
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