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Public Works Research Institute

国立研究開発法人土木研究所, コクリツケンキュウカイハツホウジンドボクケンキュウジョ
Representive : Chief Executive, Tadahiko SAKAMOTO, Dr. Eng
Establishment year: 2001
Address: 1-6 Minamihara,Tsukuba, Ibaraki 305-8516 Japan
Telephone number: +81-29-879-6700
FAX number: +81-29-879-6741
Number of employees: 219
Organization/Research department name (11):
  • Planning and Research Administration Department
  • Construction Technology Research Department
  • Material and Geotechnical Engineering Reseach Group
  • Earthquake Disaster Prevention Research Group
  • Water Environment Research Group
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Subordinate facility name  (3):
  • Pavement test field,
  • Dam hydraulic laboratory,
  • Earth structure laboratory,
History (6):
  • 1921/05
    Establishment as the Road Materials Testing Department in the Ministry of Internal Affairs.
  • 1922/09
    Reorganization as the Civil Engineering Laboratory
  • 1948/07
    Renamed "The Public Works Research Institute, Ministry of Construction"
  • 1979/03
    Relocation of all facilities to and integration at the new Tsukuba Science City
  • 2001/01
    Renamed "Public" Works Research Institute, Ministry of Land,Infrastructure and Transport"
Purpose of establishment:
The Independent Administrative Institution Public Works
Research Institute (PWRI) carries out, in accordance with
the purpose of the Independent Administrative Institution
System stipulated by the Basic Law of the Administrative
Reform of the Central Government (Article 36) and the Law
of the General Rules for Independent Administrative Institution
(Article 2), research and development
-that must be reliably performed for the public good by
stabilizing the lives of the people and the public economy
-and that aren't necessary to be carried out directly by
the national government,
-but that might not necessarily be carried out if left up
to the private sector.
Business overview:
PWRI carries out the following research and development,
technical support, and dissemination of reseach results
in the field of civil engineering technolgy.
(1) Vanguard research and development of new materials,new
construction methods etc.
(2) Advanced and basic research and development to clarify
phenomena and mechanisms
(3) Research and development of general purpose technologies
such as countermeasure construction methods etc.
  • 2003: \ 5,947 (Million)
  • 2002: \ 6,128 (Million)
  • 2001: \ 6,468 (Million)
  • 2000: \ 19,120 (Million)
  • 1999: \ 18,950 (Million)
Branch Organization  (7):

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