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University of Shizuoka

静岡県立大学, シズオカケンリツダイガク
Representive : NISHIGAKI Masaru(President)
Establishment year: 1987
Address: 52-1 Yada, Suruga-ku,Shizuoka-shi, Shizuoka-ken 422-8526 Japan
Telephone number: 054-264-5102
FAX number: 054-264-5099
Organization/Research department name (13):
  • 12, School of Pharmaceutical Sciences,
  • School of Food and Nutritional Sciences,
  • Faculty of international Relations,
  • School of Administration and Informatics,
  • School of Nursing,
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History (41):
  • 1982/06
    Shizuoka Prefectural Assembly decided to reorganize Prefectural Universities and Colleges.
  • 1982/09
    Council on Prefectural Universities and Colleges was established.
  • 1983/09
    Council submitted the report to establish a university by unifying Shizuoka College of Pharmacy (established in 1953), Shizuoka Women's University (established in 1967), and Shizuoka Women's Junior College (established in 1951).
  • 1983/11
    Preparatory Committee for founding a Prefectural University was established.
  • 1984/10
    Preparatory Committee established the fundamental conception.
Purpose of establishment:
The aim of the university is to cultivate students who can
manage the problems accompanied by rapid technological
advancement, the development of our industrial economy
and the advancement of society, and who can take an active
partin development of Shizuoka prefecture
Business overview:
The same as the purpose of establishment
  • 2005: \ 6,058 (Million)
Branch Organization  (29):

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