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Kumamoto University University Hospital

熊本大学 医学部附属病院, クマモトダイガク イガクブフゾクビョウイン
Representive : Director of University Hospital, MIIKE Teruhisa
Establishment year: 1949
Address: 1-1-1 Honjo,,Chuo-ku, Kumamoto-shi, Kumamoto 860-8556 Japan
Telephone number: +81-96-344-2111
FAX number: +81-96-373-5906
Business overview:
Clinical Departments (22 Departments)
Internal Medicine (I, II, III), Metabolic Medicine,
Cardiovascular Medicine, Neurology, Neuropsychiatry,
Pediatrics, Child Development. Surgery (I, II).
Neuro Surgery, Orthopaedic Surgery. Pediatric Surgery.
Dermatology, Urology, Ophthalmology,
Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery, Radiology,
Obstetrics & Gynecology, Anesthesiology,
Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
Central Clinical Facilities (14 Division)
Laboratory Medicine, Surgical Center,Central Radiology,
Intensive Care Unit, Emergency Service,
Central Medical Supply, Delivery, Rehabilitation,
Surgical Pathology, Blood Transfusion,
General Medicine, Medical Information Technology,
Infectious Diseases, Dialysis Diseases
Research field (1): Life Science
Parent Organization  (2):
Branch Organization  (7):

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