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Dokkyo Medical University

獨協医科大学, ドッキョウイカダイガク
Representive : President, Kenichiro Yoshida
Establishment year: 1973
Address: 880 Oaza-kitakobayashi, Mibu-machi, Shimotsuga-gun, Tochigi 321-0293 Japan
History (12):
  • 1970/03
    At the board of directors of Dokkyo Gakuen, Minato Seki, the chief director, expressed his determination of the establishment of a university of medicine as the memorial undertaking of the 88th anniversary of the founding of the Gakuen, and the board approved the plan.
  • 1970/05
    The preparation committee of Dokkyo University School of Medicine was established.
  • 1970/07
    Dokkyo University School of Medicine was approved by Minister of Education, with the scheduled opening in FY1973.
  • 1970/07
    The location of the University was decided Mibu Machi, Shimotsuga Gun, Tochigi Prefecture. The university was named Dokkyo University School of Medicine, a one-major university.
  • 1973/04
    The opening ceremony of Dokkyo University School of Medicine was held.
Purpose of establishment:
The University is one of the institutes of Dokkyo
Gakuen, the educational foundation which was
originally Doitsugaku Kyokai founded in 1881. Before
the war, School of Doitsugaku Kyokai, the predecessor
of Dokkyo Junior and Senior High Schools, produced
competent doctors and scholars in medical science.
Based on the principle of Sadasuke Amano, the founder
of Gakuen, university is the place of character
building through its education, the University aims at
fostering great clinicians and scholars who have
sufficient knowledge and techniques with the
international perspective for a deep understanding of
Business overview:
Based on the motto of foundation, the University
fosters medical doctors who are trusted by our society,
not to mention patients, their families, and people in
the medical field.
Research field (2): Life Science ,  Humanities & Social Sciences
Branch Organization  (18):
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