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National Institute of Technology, Yuge College Electronic Mechanical Engineering Department

弓削商船高等専門学校 電子機械工学科, ユゲショウセンコウトウセンモンガッコウ デンシキカイコウガッカ
Representive : Head of Electronic Mechanical Engineering Department, DAVAA GANBAT
Establishment year: 1985
Address: 1000 Shimoyuge, Yuge, kamijima-cho, Ochi-gun, Ehime 794-2593 Japan
Telephone number: +81-897-77-4606
FAX number: +81-897-77-4692
Purpose of establishment:
The Electronic-Mechanical Engineering Department is
combined and unified with four couses, which consist
of mechanical, electric and electronic engineering
and information technology. Our aim is to train to
be engineers who can treat with mechanics and
electronics by teaching important technical subjects
in each category and subjects which are unified
with them.
Business overview:
In order to meet the needs of the times mentioned
above, the purpose of the department is to give
students basic knowledge of mechanical engineering
such as strength of materials, energy conversion,
machining, electronic engineering such as electronic
appliances, electric circuit, control engineering and
information technology. Moreover, it gives students
education and training to be engineers who can
design, manufacture and maintain mechanical and
electronic apparatus as a unified system.
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