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Ehime Institute of Industrial Technology, Paper Technology Center

愛媛県産業技術研究所 紙産業技術センター, エヒメケンサンギョウギジュツケンキュウショ カミサンギョウギジュツセンター
Representive : Director, NINOMIYA Jun-ichiro
Establishment year: 1940
Address: 127, Mendoricho-Otsu, Shikokuchuo-shi, Ehime 799-0113 Japan
Telephone number: +81-896-58-2144
FAX number: +81-896-58-2145
Number of employees: 17
Organization/Research department name (4):
  • Technology Support Section
  • Research of Paper Manufacturing and Technology Section
  • Research of Applied Manufacturing Section
  • Research of Initiative and basic of Technology Section
History (11):
  • 1940/04
    The Institute was founded as a branch of Ehime Prefectural Industrial Experiment Station at the present location. This was made possible by the transfer of processing units and instruments, backed by the support of the local communities.
  • 1941/04
    The Institute was reorganized as Paper Industrial Research Institute of Ehime prefecture.
  • 1969/07
    Open Laboratory for Paper Manufacturing was set up.
  • 1970/11
    The new institute building was completed. An improvement of the test paper machine was made (short wire and 2 cylindrical wire).
  • 1972/03
    The drainage processing facility was installed.
Purpose of establishment:
The institute was set up to support improvement of paper
industry by developing new products and investigation to
improve added value of products. The institute conducts
overall researches on fabrication of paper products
including materials, and gives technical guidance.
Business overview:
The Ehime Institute of Industrial Technology
Paper Technology Center is a leading facility
for the paper making and paper converting firms,
mainly small-to-medium-sized enterprises, in Ehime.
The main activities is to conduct R&D and
supervision for developing new processes and
The Institute gives seminars for training
engineers, provides consultation, standard
testing, technological information and
guidance on industrial paper technology.
Research field (1): Agriculture

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