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Kochi University of Technology

高知工科大学, コウチコウカダイガク
Representive : President, OKAMURA, Hajime
Establishment year: 1996
Address: 185 Miyanokuchi Tosayamada-cho Kami-city Kochi 782-8502 JAPAN
Telephone number: +81-887-53-1111
FAX number: +81-887-57-2000
Organization/Research department name (2):
  • Faculty of Engineering
  • Graduate School of Engineering
Subordinate facility name  (2):
  • Research Institute of KUT, KUT Research Collaboration
  • Center, University Library and Information Network
History (11):
  • 1992/06
    An Investigation Committee for the Conception of Kochi Prefectural Technical University was established.
  • 1993/04
    A Planning Committee for The Technical University was established.
  • 1993/11
    A Preparation Committee for the foundation of Kochi University of Technology was established.
  • 1995/01
    January 25, 1995 Establishment of the Preparation Foundation for Kochi University of Technology was permitted by the Ministry of Education, Science and Culture.
  • 1996/12
    An Education Corporation entitled Kochi University of Technology was authorized by the Ministry of Education, Science and Culture.
Purpose of establishment:
The purpose of the university is to carry out education and
research work as a center of learning, and to cultivate
human resources with deep expertise and rich humanity.
These activities shall contribute to promotion of scientific
technology, development of our country and the world in
Business overview:
-To foster the development of human resources that can
place an active role in the coming society.
-To enhance the research achievements which contribute to
the future of the world.
-Contribution to, and cooperation with the local community.
Branch Organization  (24):

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