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Okayama University Institute of Plant Science and Resources

岡山大学 資源植物科学研究所, オカヤマダイガク シゲンショクブツカガクケンキュウショ
Representive : Director, MAEKAWA Masahiko
Establishment year: 1988
Address: 2-20-1 Chuo Kurashiki-shi, Okayama 710-0046 Japan
Organization/Research department name (20):
  • 1 Division of Functional Biology and Genetics
  • Gourp of Nuclear Genomics
  • Group of Seed Science
  • Group of physiology and molecular biology of
  • plant stress responses
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Subordinate facility name  (2):
  • RI Laboratory, Gene Research Building, Greenhouse,
  • Library
History (5):
  • 1914/01
    Founded as the "Ohara Institute for Agricultural Research" by Magosaburo Ohara, a leading citizen of Kurashiki
  • 1951/01
    Affiliated with the School of Agricultural Science of Okayama University
  • 1953/01
    Made independent of the School of Agricultural Science and became the "Institute for Agricultural Biology" under the direct supervision of the University administration
  • 1988/01
    Reorganized into the "Research Institute for Bioresources, Okayama University"
  • 2004/01
    Okayama University was transformed into National University Corporation
Purpose of establishment:
The purpose of RIB is to make advances in life
science of bioresources and to facilitate
utilization of them for prosperity of human beings.
Business overview:
Currently the institute is composed of two
research divisions (Functional Biology and Genetics,
Environmental Response Analysis) and the Barley and
Wild Plant Resource Center.
To ensure sustainable utilization of bioresources
for human life, the research divisions
participate in the research on genetic information,
biological function and environmental interaction
of bioresources.
The center collects and preserves ca 10,000
world-wide varieties of barley and ca 28,000 seed
samples of wild plants, and ca 57,000 herbarium
specimens evaluates their genetical
and physiological characteristics, builds databases
and retrieval systems, and attempts to develop
newplant varieties resistant to environmental
stresses.Atpresent the institute constitute the doctoral
and master cources of natural sciences of Okayama university
to contribute for graduated education.

Research field (1): Life Science
  • 2007: \ 659 (Million)
  • 2006: \ 690 (Million)
  • 2005: \ 588 (Million)
Parent Organization  (1):
Branch Organization  (1):

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